Anyone can draw (apparently)!

I’ve read conflicting reports of whether or not a web designer needs to know how to draw. On the one hand, everything is done with computers these days. On the other, it’s useful to be able to communicate with images. As much as I text and e-mail, sometimes I just need to write things down by hand. Drawing could end up being a similarly-used skill.

But I can’t draw — what now? I read a post by Karen X that advised getting a book called You Can Draw in 30 Days and figured it was worth a shot. I borrowed the eBook through Tennessee Reads (libraries are such a valuable resource), and thought I’d share how it was going.

Sketches of buildings with ramps and windows.

Most of the early lessons are on getting the light and shading right using basic shapes (spheres, cubes, cylinders). It’s way more fun than I thought I would be. Recently I’ve been sketching for the pleasure of it.

A pencil sketch of 4 koalas.

I’m about a third of the way through. This was the koala-drawing lesson. I won’t be winning any awards, but they sort of look like koalas, right?

Just to show how far I’ve come in only the past week, these are the first few sketches I made, to get a baseline:

Some very bad sketches of a house, an airplane, and a bagel.

Pretty big difference, right? If I can improve at this, surely anyone can!

So, do web and graphic designers need to know how to draw, or has the world moved on from pencils and paper? Have you read this book? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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