Japan-themed color palettes

As the days get shorter and 2020 is drawing to a close, I’ve decided to explore web design. I think that idea deserves a post all to itself. (That will be coming soon.)

In order to get an introduction to design principles, and also to work out if this is something that could be interesting in the long-term, I’ve started The Complete Graphic Design Course For Beginners on Udemy. The first “assignment” is to create color palettes based on photographs, using Canva and the Adobe Color Palette Generator.

Autumn trees with 5 colors from the photo.
Autumn in Kyoto.

Up until now I’ve only really looked at colors once I had already started a project. I like the idea of putting together colors for later inspiration.

Rice fields and mountains, with 5 colors from the photo.
Rice fields and mountains near Maibara, Shiga Prefecture.

Also, I was in Japan this time last year, and recently I’ve been missing it. So my color palettes are all based on my photos of that beautiful country.

Bamboo forest with 5 colors from the photo.
Arashiyama Bamboo Forest.
Gingko tree and clouds, with 5 colors from the photo.
I loved the contrast of this tree with the storm clouds.

The next time I need to create something, I’ll be ready with some nice-looking color combinations. And if you like them, please use them for your own projects!

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