Recreating kitchen tile

Another kitchen-related design project. The backsplash tile in our kitchen is…well…here it is in all its earth-tone glory:

square kitchen tile in earth tones
I did not choose this.

Why recreate this in Illustrator? Experience. My projects so far have been generally ideas that I came up with myself, which meant that if I couldn’t achieve a desired effect, I could just do something else. But with recreating something that already exists, I’m forced to figure it out.

So, here it is:

Illustration of the same tile.

Using the grids really helped, and I created the shadows by putting intersecting lines across the squares and using the Shape Builder tool to combine them into an L-shape. The colors are sampled from the original tile, made a little bit brighter to account for my photo being taken in the shadow of the cabinets.

Here is the tiled tile:

Many copies of the same tile illustration.

I’m not sure I can think of a use for this, but it was still useful as an exercise.

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