Designing simple household signage

TL;DR: It really wasn’t that simple after all.

It isn’t always clear whether the dishes in the dishwasher are dirty, or someone just stopped unloading it halfway through. So in my house we use a magnet to stick a sign to the front of the dishwasher if the dishes are clean. This is what that sign once looked like:

Clean written in marker on a dirty envelope.
The writing says “Clean” but the paper is filthy!

I “commissioned” myself to redo this sign, making the first, tiniest inroads into “designing for a purpose”. To get some color inspiration, I found a photo of dishes on Unsplash.

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Using warp effects on text

The Graphic Design tutorial I’ve been doing on Udemy has a section about current design trends (2020), and it demonstrates how to create them in Adobe Illustrator. Below is the result of my experimentation with “warp with mesh” on repeated lines of text to create an interesting effect.

Repeated text with a warp effect applied.
Hello, it’s me…I was listening to Todd Rundgren at the time so this is the first sentence I could think of.
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